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What do I do before my appointment?

  • Get your COVID vaccination! We require a dose of the vaccine in the last year, or four total, before you'll be allowed into our office.

  • Get your flu shot! Flu season has arrived, protect yourself and our electrologist and get your free immunization.

  • Allow the hair in the target area to grow long enough to be easily grasped with tweezers but not longer than a few mm. Any longer or shorter and it becomes much more difficult to work with.

  • Shower and brush your teeth before you come. Wear as little makeup and scented product as possible. Please do not smoke or vape before your appointment.

  • Take a painkiller and apply some numbing cream to the area if you can to reduce the intensity of treatment.

  • Bring sunglasses if you have them.

  • Arrive as close to your appointment time as possible. This will ensure you do not have to wait outside while the office is prepared for your session. Please do not bring a guest with you unless you have discussed this with us beforehand. 

  • If you are feeling sick or if you have COVID, or if you are going to be more than five to ten minutes late, please contact us as soon as possible to reschedule. Late cancellations or reschedules (less than 24 hours notice) or no-shows will be subject to a 50% fee for the missed appointment unless the missed session was due to illness or through no fault of the client's.

  • Once in the office, please remove your shoes and leave all personal items either on the table by the shoe rack or on the consult client's chair. Follow all COVID precautions, including being masked while inside our space unless work is being done on your face.

  • Be prepared to pay via e-transfer, debit or credit card (using tap or chip + PIN), Apple Pay, or Android Pay. Please do not bring cash. A receipt will be sent to you via email or text.

How do I find your office?

  • We are at #308 - 2204 2nd St SW, Calgary AB, T2S 3C2. If you're on foot, Calgary Transit has a number of stops nearby. If you're driving, there is free parking to be found on the streets surrounding the complex, or you can pay to park in the central lot.

  • We are in the Henry Huang Building of the Holy Cross Centre, which is the northwest wing. 

  • Enter via the south entrance, next to Carbon Based Tattoos.

  •  If your appointment is after 6PM during the week or on a weekend or stat holiday the front door and elevators may be locked. If they are, or if you're having trouble finding us, let us know you've arrived and then have a seat, we'll be with you shortly.

  • Otherwise, head straight into the elevators and press 3 for the third floor. There are also stairs to the left of the elevators.

  • Follow the hallway around the corner. Look for our numberplate on the wall to the right about midway down.

  • There will be a short corridor with two bathrooms and then our door at the end. Knock and then step back a few feet, we'll be with you soon.

What do I do after my appointment?

  • At the end of your session, the target area will be cleaned and then aloe vera will be applied. Try to leave the aloe on as long as possible or until you are getting ready for bed. This will help reduce redness, swelling, and soreness.

  • Clean the area with a soft, clean cloth and a gentle soap. Do not scrub! Moisturize with a basic moisturizer if you have one.

  • You may reapply aloe vera if the area is still sore.

  • Avoid getting bacteria into the healing area. Try not to shave, apply makeup, or otherwise disturb the skin until it is back to normal. Do not scratch, itch, or pick at the area! 

  • Do not go into hot tubs or pools while the skin heals.

  • Do not get sun burnt! Protect your skin with lots of sunscreen if you have to go out in the sun.

  • Failing to take care of the treated area could result in pimples, blemishes that take a long time to go away, or even an infection in the worst case scenario.

What precautions are you taking due to COVID?

  •  We require proof of a dose of the COVD vaccine within the last year, or four total, before allowing clients into our office. 

  • Masks must be worn at all times, unless work is being done on your face. 

  • Sanitize your hands after you've removed your shoes and jacket.

  • If you're feeling ill, your appointment will be rescheduled for a date in two weeks.

  • Please come to your appointment as close to your appointment time as possible.

  • Only you and Runhildr will be allowed inside the office during your appointment. If you must bring a guest along, we ask they remain down in the lobby.

  • More time will be scheduled between each client to allow for additional cleaning and prep time.

  • Runhildr has had both the most recent COVID vaccine as well as the flu shotPlease get vaccinated!

What are your business hours?

  • Appointments are available Tuesday through Friday from 9:30AM to 8:00PM, and Saturday from 10:00AM to 6:00PM. We are open on any stat holidays that fall within that time frame.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule?

  • Please give us at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule. Go to the booking site to modify your appointment or contact us if you need assistance. Late notices of less than 24 hours or no-shows will be charged a 50% fee for the missed appointment unless the absence was due to illness or through no fault of the client's.

Is your office a safe space?

  • Absolutely! As members of the LGBTQ+ community, we are dedicated to ensuring all clients are comfortable and able to be themselves in our office. Zaetl Electrolysis is also a member of Skipping Stone's Trans Affirming Network.

Do you only work with LGBTQ+ folks?

  • Nope! While we predominantly treat trans and non-binary folks, we also work on anyone with unwanted hair.

Do I need an appointment?

Who made the art on the walls in your office? Is it for sale?

  • Runhildr's partner Shailynn (Zaetl Arts) does all the art, and it is indeed for sale! If there's a particular piece you're interested in, let us know. 

What payment methods do you accept?

  • We now accept payment by debit and credit cards, Apple Pay and Android Pay, and e-transfer. A receipt will be sent to you by email or text. Please do not bring cash, as we do not carry change.

Do you accept tips?

  • While tips are always appreciated, they are absolutely not necessary. If you do leave a tip, however, please let us know so we can record it in our books appropriately. Our electrologist also accepts bribes of Miss Vickies regular or salt and vinegar chips.

How else can I support the business?

  • Word of mouth makes all the difference for a small business like us! Recommending us to others, posting a Google review, or mentioning us on social media are all great ways to help us out. 

Do you have a referral program?

  • Sure do! Share our info with folks you know and make sure they mention your name in their consultation. Once they've completed four hours of treatment you'll get a free hour.

How do you pronounce Runhildr, anyway?

  • It's roon-hild-er.

What is electrolysis?

  • Electrolysis is safe, permanent hair removal that uses an electric current to destroy hair. We use the thermolysis method in our clinic.

Is electrolysis permanent?

  • Done properly, and regularly enough to catch hair in the right growth phase, electrolysis is permanent.

Can all hairs be treated?

  • Electrolysis can be done on almost any part of the body, except hair inside the nose and ears. Moles may be treated with doctor approval, please have them checked and bring a brief note to let us know.

Including, er, down there?

  • Yes, we treat any part of the body, including groin and genitals, and we do our best to make the experience as comfortable as possible for our clients. 

I've noticed some regrowth, what's up with that?

  • A hair may need to be treated multiple times to be completely destroyed. How quickly this happens depends on many factors, including the hair's current growth phase, its location, how deep it is, and the genetics of the client.

  • What appears to be regrowth may also be an entirely different hair growing very close to the one that was treated. We have thousands upon thousands of hair follicles on almost every part of the body, many of which are dormant at any given time.

Does electrolysis hurt?

  • The sensation will vary depending on a number of things, such as area being treated, the client's tolerance for pain, and what method of electrolysis is being used, but modern equipment operates at very high speeds and it typically feels like a quick pinch. There are topical numbing creams available that can reduce the intensity, look for over-the-counter 5% Lidocaine lotions, and taking a hot shower and a painkiller shortly before your appointment can make a big difference as well.

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