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Stop shaving, tweezing, or waxing unwanted hair!
Zaetl Electrolysis offers affordable, safe, permanent hair removal to clients in the Mohkinstsis (Calgary) area.

We specialize in trans affirming care, including surgery prep and facial hair removal!

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Protect yourself and our staff by being sure to get your flu shot as well as keeping up to date on your COVID vaccination. We continue to require at least three doses of the COVID vaccine, or one in the last year, before allowing you into our office. Please get vaccinated!

We will be closed December 21st to mark the solstice, and the 23rd through 27th for holidays. Otherwise, we are open as usual.

Zaetl Electrolysis offers appointments Tuesday through Friday, 9:30AM until 8:30PM, and Saturday, 10:00AM to 6:00PM. We're located in the Henry Huang Building at the Holy Cross Centre in Mohkinstsis (Calgary), easily accessible by bus and there is plenty of pay or 2-hour free street parking in the area. Contact us for more information.

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